Constellation Real Estate Group President Scott Smith Named in 2019 Swanepoel Power 200


Bellevue, WA – January 17, 2019

The Constellation Real Estate Group, a leading provider of scalable SaaS products in the real estate industry, is proud to announce that its President, Scott Smith has been named among residential real estate’s most influential people in the Swanepoel Power 200 (SP200), T3 Sixty’s annual ranking of residential real estate’s most powerful leaders.

Smith serves as the President and General Manager of the Constellation Real Estate Group, overseeing and driving organic growth and integrations across a portfolio of successful real estate technology brands. He holds over 30 years of experience working in technology and has spent the last two decades within the real estate vertical.

“With the SP200, we aim to hold a mirror up to the industry, reflecting residential real estate back to itself by noting who wields the most power and influence, whether by position, personal power, employee count, reputation and trajectory,” said Swanepoel T3 Group Chairman and CEO Stefan Swanepoel.

“It’s truly an honor to be named alongside the real estate industry’s most influential leaders and organizations, many of which are franchise, broker and MLS partners of brands within the Constellation Real Estate Group,” Smith shared. “Congratulations to those recognized in the SP200 for their hard work and contributions to our industry.”

The SP200 team invests more than 400 hours analyzing hundreds of bios, annual reports and data each year. The nomination and research process includes three rounds of review, where leaders are evaluated against eight different criteria ranging from the organizations they lead and their influence, to contributions and future impact on the residential real estate industry.

About Constellation Real Estate Group
The Constellation Real Estate Group acquires and invests in real estate software brands that are committed to providing long-term solutions and partnerships with franchises, brokers, agents, MLSs, and associations. CREG provides a suite of market-leading technology solutions designed specifically for the real estate industry through its brands: Market Leader, Constellation Web Solutions, Sharper Agent, Zurple, Z57, Diverse Solutions, Birdview, ReloSpec, Real Estate Digital, Emphasys Software, and Baynet World. Over 500,000 real estate agents, teams, and brokerages across North America rely on CREG’s products and services to power, manage, and grow their businesses.

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